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Meghan Mayhem
Product works great, customer service could use some work

Love my light. Works great. Love all the knobbys and settings. Would've given five stars if the shipping process hadn't stressed me out.

To clarify, I'm a patient person but when it's been ten days and I haven't received any sort of notification about shipping I start getting nervous. So I went to the website, checked out the estimated shipping times, realized it could take fourteen days. Okay no prob, I can deal with that. But just to be safe I sent an email requesting an update on my order status. On day fourteen without a peep from customer service and still nothing, I figured I'd been scammed. Thankfully I'd made my purchase through PayPal and literally just as I'm pushing confirm to request a refund, the package shows up at my door.

Wonderful light, horrible communication. Would buy again and recommend to friends but jeeze, give a girl a break and just let me know what's up!

Ana Lopez

My review

Zainab mohammad

Very good 👍🏼 for the video shooting

Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee itttttttttt !

Be aware this product is heavy! Made of full metal this product has many features you will love! This product is very bright as well I use it for my YouTube channel back lighting

Jason Henne
A Must Have in Your Lighting Kit

The pros- There is a lot of choices in this size and price range. Some of the nice features here are the attachment that allows you to tilt and lock the angle of the light. It also can act as a nice way of keeping the light propped up. Another pro is the output of this light. It’s very bright at full power. It also has effects which is nice to have although not all are as usable as they could be.The cons- The controls are a little funky. They use 2 rocker knobs and I just think normal buttons would be a better choice. As mentioned the piece that attaches is nice for being able to tilt, however I wish it was removable and there was another 1/4 hole underneath. Just giving the option to use it with or without and fit into smaller spaces. The effects are nice to have but confusing. They have 2 lightning effects but it’s just a pattern that repeats itself. Real lightning isn’t like that. A single random pattern would have been more usable. Overall these lights are great and everyone should have some version in their light kit to pull out to get you out of jams. Several choices and this is a great option.

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